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    California Whitewater Rafting W.E.T. River Trips

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    GROUP Rafting - W.E.T. River Trips

    GROUP Rafting Trips

    California rafting with friends, family and colleagues bring a bonding like no other outdoor activity. Whitewater rafting brings team-building to its finest! Most of the rafting trips are close to major population centers such as San Francisco, San Jose, Lake Tahoe and Sacamento. All within a one hour to 3 hour distance to the meeting sites. We welcome beginners, novices and hardcore paddlers on several river rafting runs in Northern California.

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    corporate groups & team-building events

    Premium river rafting trips in the springtime bring a challenge for the what do to wear raftingaggressive, experienced paddler. North Fork American starts around mid-March and depending on the snowpack and precipitation, may well be runnable through June.

    Springtime trips require gear, so we include this with each rafting package that we offer. We include a farmer john wetsuit, splash jacket, helmet, lunch and guide service. All you bring is an enthusiastic and positive attitude along with a hearty appetite!

    bachelor & bachelorette parties

    bachelor party rafting picture

    Group rafting trips are very popular during the summer months. Packages include one day trips, two day trips, wilderness groups and more. Organize your friends, clubs, bachelor party or reunion for a memorable river rafting experience. Email your special requests and we can customize your trip.

    family rafting trips

    Families come from around the globe to do the beautiful rafting trips in California. Whitewater rafting bonds a family together like no other family rafting tripoutdoor recreational opportunity. You will see multi-generations paddling and camping together, enjoying the river trip, working together to paddle the rapids and then snuggling together in front of a fire in camp laughing over the day's events.

    The bonding and comraderie will remain in your memories for a lifetime on this family rafting trip. We even offer camp & dinner packages for the non-rafters as long as they are part of your rafting trip.

    teen rafting trips

    youth groupsTeens are all at risk. Their daily lives are filled with youthful transgressions and temptations. Outdoor recreation is a positive distraction for a young person. W.E.T. River Trips emphasis on strong role models is reflected in the positive outlook from the guide's point of view.

    Environmental concerns are presented while on the river trip itself. A care for the health and well-being of their own surroundings will help a teen make positive choices for their own lives. For drop off and pick-up times, please call our office to make arrangements.

    college student rafting trips

    college students discountsCollege students are always on a budget and W.E.T. River Trips answers that need with special rates for our State colleges and Universities. Please contact our office for these rates. Undergraduates only, please for these rates.

    Your college can become an outdoor recreation partner by offering our trips to the campus community. Fraternities, sororities, campus clubs and other organizations on campus can also use these awesome discounts. Just ask!

    youth groups & scouts

    youth rafting tripsYouth groups are a major focus with W.E.T. River Trips. This is where our company started; addressing the needs of our youth in a positive outdoor environment.

    Using team-building strategies to help young teens to prepare for adulthood and their future, whitewater rafting offers an opportunity to explore collaboration, to meet future challenges and to expand self-esteem. Scouts, youth groups, city programs and schools participate with WET each year. Please contact us early in the year for special discounts.

    at-risk youth groups

    wilderness rafting tripsThis is where W.E.T. began. As an educator and leader in youth outdoor recreation, we started this company originally for at-risk youth who would never have the opportunity to enjoy a moment in the great outdoors.

    Whitewater rafting builds a cooperative spirit and bringing these youth to our rafting trips provides a positive experience. Some will be encouraged to see a different aspect to life itself. And the role model the guides reflect is just another emphasis on where their lives could lead. Call our office for your special group or program.