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    California Whitewater Rafting W.E.T. River Trips

    More News!


    White Water Guide School - W.E.T. River Trips

    Guide School Program for Students & Professionals

    12 people maximum per session will be asked to participate in our California whitewater rafting guide school. This is an extensive hands-on rafting guide program for professional whitewater rafting guides and paddlers. Please call or send an email (no attachments, no exceptions) with your past experiences in recreation, counseling programs and/or service orientated jobs. Ask yourself why you want to work your tail off, cook, clean and get up at the crack of dawn to become a rafting guide?

    DATES: Click here for Guide School schedules and dates!

    REQUIREMENTS - W.E.T. River Trips

    Participant Prerequesites:

    Rivers: South Fork American, North Fork American & Cal Salmon

    Guide School - March - June (6-days Sat-Thurs or 3-Weekends in a row)

    All applicants contact the office prior to Jan 15th to sign up. See the white water guide school information for calendar dates and programs. For questions, call 1.888.723.8938. Maximum numbers in each session is 12 people.

    College Students

    College Students participating during Spring Break

    If you are a current recreation major at a college or university, we will adjust your guide school rates based on your past experiences or training. Please call our office for further details. Whitewater Guide School may also offer college course credits based on your particular curriculum. Just ask your school's counselor or advisor.

    Our spring break schedules work closely with University of California and California State Colleges' spring schedules. For the best class schedules during spring break, we advise that you reserve your guide school program prior to January 15th for best dates.

    Please contact our office for any questions regarding our program. Please note that we will not offer any river that is at unsafe levels. In other words, all schedules may be modified based on flow regimes and safety priorities.

    Other Schedules for our Whitewater Guide School

    Non-Spring Break and Weekend Warrior Guide School

    Those of you who would like to participate in our white water guide school may also schedule outside of the spring break. We run concurrent 6-day programs from early March through June. Call and ask about joining those classes.

    We also have a weekend program for those of you who are already working at regular jobs during the week. Weekend Warrior Guide School should sign up for (3) weekends in a row to equal our regular 6-day program. Those weekends run from early March through June.


    Curriculum may be modified based on your past experiences

    The whitewater rafting guide school program encompasses many aspects of commercial whitewater guiding. The obvious skill of "reading water" is an absolute necessity in becoming a professional commercial guide.

    You will learn the following:

    Commercial clientele may be first-time novices or seasoned paddlers. They are there to enjoy the day, so you must be enthusiastic even if it is the 100th trip for you.

    white water guide schoolPlease note that W.E.T. River Trips is an official California State Parks' Concessionaire on the whitewater sections of the American River. Commercial guiding's focus is safety first; everything else is secondary.

    The type of personality that works best for commercial guiding is the candidate who loves working and serving the needs of people who may be completely a novice to our whitewater sport. The opportunity to guide and teach whitewater rafting and share your love of rivers with that first time rafter is a thrill unmatched with other job opportunities. You have the ability to create wonderful memories for people who may have never reached out into the outdoors. You are in control of their destiny and their safety. What you do on the river is a powerful experience for any whitewater rafter or paddler. You are the captain of your ship!

    Hiring Guides, Resume Info & Suggestions

    Send a PDF Resume via email (no other attachments)

    We want people who love the water and rivers and enjoy working with the public. River rafting requires a degree of expertise so we ask you to be patient as you develop your rafting skills. In addition, the best guides are usually those who have a solid work ethic. In other words, you need to be a team player who is not reluctant to do whatever it takes to make a trip successful for the guests..

    Please send a PDF resume via email that includes the following:

    Read the latest about our industry at our official company rafting blog!

    Instructors & Mentors

    Whitewater Staff & Instructors

    fall rafting pictureDuring the regular Spring Session rafting guide school, several guides and instructors will be on hand to mentor you through the myriad of lessons and government regulations that you will learn. Commercial guides need to know more than just "how to run the river." We even suggest that you sign-up with a "buddy" so the two of you can support each other as newbs.

    Regulations for California State Parks, El Dorado County, US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management are reviewed, and we expect you to know the rules before you ever take a commercial guest down the river. Food and safety regulations are important during food prep, along with packing and loading for a wilderness trip.

    The Weekend Warrior rafting program has a an instructor who acts as your mentor during the weekends you are learning. We feel this works better due to the interrupted flow of your instruction period. Each weekend, you will need to check in with your mentor to review the previous weekend's program. We have had many professionals (suits) learn during the weekend program and have been successful in becoming commercial guides.

    Our whitewater guide staff come from a long history of guiding on commercial rivers in California and in the western United States. Our lead instructor has mentored several professional guides for our staff and for others. All of our instructors are professional guides with a background in professional outdoor extreme sports that include kayaking, rafting, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking and more. Instructors also come from instructional outdoor programs and colleges where they lead the outdoor curriculum. Several have culinary degrees that offer food service prep tips and handling.

    Rafting Resources

    Do you know what you want? Request your class now! Otherwise, follow these other links to other rafting resources on the net. Read, read, read before you come to the class. Be prepared to understand the whitewater lingo.

    The List of resources is huge. Here's a few that will help with your preparations before you meet us at the river:

    About W.E.T. River Trips -

    W.E.T. River Trips was established in 1978. Running California white water rafting rivers in California. W.E.T. River Trips is an official California State Parks concessionaire.

    Permitted by United States Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, California State Parks, El Dorado County & other governing agencies.

    Nirvana is found on the river. Raft with us and see why W.E.T. is the premier California white water rafting company for California whitewater rafting trips.

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