Reservations for California Rafting Trips
How to reserve a California river trip?: Call! 1.888.723.8938 or go to

First pick a date and either call us or email us requesting the date. If the date is available then call in your first initial deposit using a VISA or Mastercard or go directly to any of our BUY links for our online store at We will confirm with an email confirmation which will include live links to your driving directions, mandatory release forms and a frequently asked questions page. (By the way, this info is also on our site map.) A confirmation number will be issued and you will be officially on our calendar. Once you have a reservation, you will have priority to add to your trip's reservation (as long as there is still space available!).

Calling us speeds up the process enormously. Because we are selling spaces as quickly as we can, our calendar changes on a daily to hourly basis. A simple call will give you a seven-day courtesy hold to give you time to gather your initial deposit. If you need more time, just ask. We will try and work with your schedule.

Payment plans were created for groups of more than 12 people. All groups of 24 or more should contact our office for negotiable rates depending on your customization of your river trip.

Those of you with groups of 24 or more, please see the link to our corporate or group rafting trip information.

We also ask you to be aware of our cancellation policy. Please read it carefully.

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