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on the American River is close to major metropolitan cities and the American River rafting trips on the South Fork American offer Class III - III+ rapids only 3 hours from San Francisco, 1-1/2 hours from Lake Tahoe or 45 minutes from California's state capitol in Sacramento.

"Feel obliged to say that you have a great operation judging from my trip yesterday. Justin (headguide) should go far in life as a teacher/coach...great empathy and charisma! Also Gabriel has innate concern for the well-being and safety of others...would go with him anywhere because of it. All in all a great experience... and nice 71st birthday present to myself... Thanks again, Bill" California; May 2005

South Fork American river rafting is the ideal rafting trip for active, athletic seniors. Good health and active minds make for a great river rafting experience on the American River rafting trips. Many of us baby boomers are now facing empty nests and enough money to highlight our golden years... but, we are not really "retirement" people. We still go to the gym, we still jog everyday and we ride bicycles, snow ski, water ski, hike and travel adventure trips! We are definitely not "out to pasture."

California senior citizens (don't you hate that term!) or active seniors can match their physical abilities with a paddling trip on the South Fork American River rafting. W.E.T. River Trips also offers oar-boats for those who may be limited in paddling skills. Both types of travel will give you a close-up look at whitewater rapids! Please note that advanced reservations are necessary, so start planning your summer rafting trip as soon as possible.

First decide when you want to go. Then speak with your personal physician if you have any questionable medical conditions. Let the doctor know that you are going on a whitewater rafting trip with a professional rafting company. You and your doctor are the best judge on what you can do. Contact us and let us know that you are traveling as a senior (geesh... what age is a senior? 55, 65, 75?) and that you would like to do a paddle boat or an oarboat based on your physical strength and abilities. We will probably recommend a One Day South Fork American Chili Bar run for the first timers. Or we may direct very athletic seniors to the Two Day Middle Fork American wilderness trip.

BEST BETS for 2007 Rafting Trips!
One Day Chili Bar South Fork American: $109 per person w/lunch
One Day Gorge South Fork American: $119 per person w/lunch
Two Day South Fork American River: $264 per person w/camping & meals

After you book your reservation, get outside and get acclimated to the weather and heat. Summer months on the river can be extremely hot, so heat stroke is a major threat for someone coming from an air-conditioned life. Though we know you are regularly active, think about walking outdoors everyday which will help with acclimating to the weather and keeping your legs, knees and hips limber.

For active senior rafters, we recommend that you bring a great spirit, healthy attitude and an awesome smile when you are rafting with W.E.T. Consider sharing your rafting trip with your own child and or grandchildren! Multiple generations have found rafting to be a true bonding experience for the family. The 2 day South Fork American Wilderness Trip is an ideal package for multiple generations. What cherished memories that will bring and what a lasting legacy you will leave!

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W.E.T. is the favorite Northern California whitewater rafting outfitter!

South Fork American Class III-III+
Perfect river rafting for friends, families or team building. One Day Chili Bar or Gorge run w/lunch available everyday! Most popular package is the 2-day Southfork American River. Call for info 1.888.723.8938. Plan your wilderness trip for 2005! Two Day Wilderness Trip:on the South Fork American Wilderness Trips or the Middle Fork American Wilderness Trips.
Middle Fork American
One Day trips or multiple day wilderness trips are available on this California rafting adventure trip.
Book early and save on Two Day Wilderness trips. Click
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Or call toll free for information 1.888.723.8938.

Compare the rivers: South Fork or Middle Fork? Which one do I do?


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AB Mbodez, a retired guide wrote this story back in 1986, a high water year.

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The Sacramento Bee featured article highlighting the American River rafting in today's Scene section was a blast for our guides! Congratulations to Justin, Andrew & Gabriel! Alan Pierleoni, featured Bee writer paddled with our South Fork American rafting trip on the high water early this Spring.

Thank you Sacramento Bee!

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a great article on Springtime Rafting written by Paul McHugh. W.E.T. was listed Number One for springtime runs on the Northfork American.

"California's wide, wide realm of whitewater embraces a grand array of opportunities -- many of which should be seized in May....a pick of top firms and runs designed to stimulate a reader's appetite..." W.E.T. River Trips on the Northfork American!

Thank you SFChronicle!

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Year of the Rooster - 4703
"Celebrate the "Year of the Rooster" with a California rafting trip. The Rooster can be a hardline politician. Boastful and assured, the Rooster is obsessed with his looks! Roosters are always up and out doing things. Forthright and straightforward, the Rooster meets all challenges head-on! Perfect for the North Fork American river trip!

Hey Rooster people! Challenge yourself on an adventure. Brag to your friends and bring them with you! Find nirvana, go rafting!

For more information on W.E.T. River Trips, please visit California whitewater rafting. Special discounts can be found at American River whitewater rafting and South Fork American River. Northern California river rafting info on white water rafting in California is also at RAFTWET.com and American River rafting.