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    California Rafting Trips - W.E.T. River Trips

    Rafting Wilderness Trips

    California rafting with W.E.T. River Trips, we are lucky to have so many white water rivers throughout the state. Most of the whitewater rafting trips are close to major population centers such as San Francisco, San Jose, Lake Tahoe and Sacamento. All within a one hour to 3 hour distance to the meeting sites. We welcome beginner, novice, intermediate and advanced rafters and paddlers on several river rafting trips in Central and Northern California including our most popular American River whitewater. Gift Certificates for rafting are available for all of our whitewater trips!

    FEATURING: 2-day, 3-day and multiple day trips

    Buy Gift Certs on our Online Rafting Store.

    Rafting Discounts : Group Rafting Trips

    Two Day Wilderness Packages and Programs

    American River trips are the most poular white water river rafting in California and the Western United States!

    W.E.T. River Trips rafts and floats all the California river rafting rivers and do overnight stays that lasted two, three or more days. WET loves one day and two day trips on the American River Rafting. Our clientele makes time to stay with us for two days or more for rafting on the rivers in California.

    One Day rafting trips became the norm through the nineties and California rafting became a rite of passage for most of you as you squeezed in a day of rafting in between busy lifestyles, kids activities and work related chaos. Most of you barely have time for a One Day rafting trip!

    Well, the pendulum has swung back. Retro rules! Now many of you have re-evaluated your busy lifestyles and have come to the conclusion that these outdoor activities and adventures mean more to you than just working for that increase in your bottom line. You now make time for your family and friends. You get together with them for special gatherings and events. A lot of you are now asking for two day wilderness rafting trips that take you away from the campgrounds and busy areas of the river.

    Buy Two Day Wilderness Trip: Other multiple day trips below!

    Recommended Wilderness Rafting Trips in California
    Rivers Duration Recommendations
    South Fork American 2 days ideal for first time wilderness trip; min age 8 yrs old
    Middle Fork American 2, 3 days novice, hardy; min age 12 yrs old
    Tuolumne 2, 3 days hardy, experienced paddlers
    Klamath 3, 4, 5 or 6 days beginner, novice, experienced, ready for the longer trips!
    Wilderness trips are for those who enjoy a total outdoor experience. Leave the blow dryer & razors at home!
    Are you ready to purchase your wilderness trip? Just go to our online rafting store at

    Klamath River is the most popular multiple day rafting trip in California or the West!

    Klamath River Wilderness Rafting Trips in California
    Rivers Duration Recommendations
    Klamath 3, 4, 5, 6 days beginner, novice, experienced; ideal for Scouts, youth groups and Team-building
    Klamath 5-days Boy Scouts; 50-miler merit badge
    Klamath 3-days Discounted Scout or Youth groups; ideal for budget conscious!
    Wilderness trips for youth groups help them to learn about natural environments and sustainability of resources.
    Are you ready to purchase your wilderness trip? Just go to our online rafting store at

    A wilderness rafting trip is an introduction into your self awareness and your awareness of the environment. Floating into the camp, stepping off onto a quiet, isolated beach and knowing that only you and this river rafting company will be on the whitewater camping trip, is a very different experience on the river. This is a true classic river trip!

    Our parents went rafting, now it's our turn! Ask your Mom & Dad about teen rafting trips this summer!

    The wilderness South Fork American two day package is ideal for families with children, teens and parents. Gather your loved ones together, including grandparents or active seniors for a unique experience on this California American River rafting adventure.

    Combine the South Fork American river trips with an El Dorado County fun activity! Check your schedules against these fun family excursions such as Wagon Trains, Gold Rush events, Garden Tours, Wine tastings and more! Or visit California's State Capitol in Sacramento for activities and lodging. For those of you traveling near San Francisco, check these resources for Bay Area rafting.

    On both the South Fork American and the Middle Fork American, W.E.T. is proud to provide a truely unique experience for those of you who have done the two day American River rafting program at our camp site at Camp Lotus. You will be pleasantly surprised to "feel" a type of wilderness experience on a river that you have done before!

    All gear goes down the river; so we ask that you keep your gear to 30 lbs per person. The gear travels in an oar-boat while the paddlers remain in the standard paddle boats. You will watch the magnificent oar-boat gently stroke the water while it manuevers expertly through the rapids with a mountain of gear. As we arrive into our camp late in the day, you will be suddenly aware of the absence of other rafters at the site! Strange feeling for the crowded and popular South Fork American River! And of course, the Middle Fork American canyon is isolation at its best.

    Itinerary on 2-day Wilderness Trips

    For more questions on our wilderness trips, please call our office to arrange this custom package. 1.888.723.8938 toll free for reservations or visit our store at

    COMBO Trips: Two or three days on different forks of the American River. See this link for a full description of possible combination trips!

    For MORE Rafting Family Discounts click here...

    For Gift Certificate info: click here....

    For South Fork American Advisory: click here...

    For South Fork American Calendar: click here...

    ITINERARY for South Fork American Two Day Wilderness Trips

    Typically meet at 9:00 am at Camp Lotus downstream from Coloma State Park just east of Sacramento, California off of Hwy 50 at the Shingle Springs exit.

    Dry bags are issued and we ask that you limit your gear to 30 lbs per person. Please note that you will not see your cars until the end of the second day of rafting. From there, we will travel to the put-in site at Chili Bar Reservoir. We river raft the Chili Bar section for a few miles before lunch and then late in the day we arrive at a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) wilderness site. Guides will set up the kitchen while you scope out the camping sites on the beach. No one is there but us! That evening, lying under the stars, the quiet conversations, the sound of the river rapids and the gentle breeze on your face; you will be propelled into another world of introspective calm. This is California rafting at its best! The next morning, we start out for the Gorge section and arrive at the Salmon Falls take out around 4:30PM.

    Camping, meals, tents, rafting gear and dry bags are included along with the shuttle and guide service.
    Special Rate for pre-season reservations:
    See online discounts for our rafting store for best savings!
    For our Middle Fork American two day wilderness packages, please see this link.

    Disclaimer: No persons will be allowed on this trip without a confirmation number. Guides carry manifests with confirmation info. Please do not show up without a reservation. For reservations, please call 1.888.RAFTWET (1.888.723.8938)
    South Fork American is a popular Gift Certificate package for your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Call for gift packages for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or that special event!
    Give a gift of memories; a river trip is forever!

    Spring Rafting - WET River Trips

    Spring Rafting

    Premium river rafting in the springtime bring a challenge for the aggressive, experienced paddler. Higher spring flows make the rivers challenging and not for the timid. We include farmer john wetsuit, splash jacket, helmet, lunch and guide service on multi-day trips. We also include camping, tents and additional meals. Older youth groups should do spring rafting trips! Min age 12 yrs old

    Spring rafting trips:

    Summer Rafting - WET River Trips

    Summer Rafting

    Hot summer months in California beckon the rafter to the cool waters of the river. Bring your family, friends, or your group to the river this summer! Beginners, novices to advanced paddlers will enjoy these trips. Min age 8 yrs old on South Fork American; 12 yrs old on Middle Fork American.

    The most popular rivers in the Western United States are on the American.

    Packages include one day trips, two day trips, wilderness rafting, rafting w/lodging, team-building, camping & rafting trips, bachelor or bachelorette trips, youth groups, corporate groups and more.

    In Northern California:

    Klamath River has fishing, hiking and rafting trips. Youth groups enjoy this trip as well as the Scouts. We advise early reservations for the months of June, July and August.

    Fall Rafting - WET River Trips

    Fall Rafting

    Fall in Central and Northern California is beautiful nd warm. Crowds are gone and the river is left with a beautiful serenity of gentler flows and glimpses of wildlife. This is the best time to raft a wilderness trip on the river. A precursor for the longer extended river trips throughout the world, these wilderness trips offer a glimpse of what it's like to be on the river for multiple days. This is a way to acclimate yourself to the longer runs on the Klamath River, the Rogue, Salmon and Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

    Equally popular are the corporate groups that initiate team-building events on whitewater trips. Groups can have their own facilitator and we will work with your company or educational program to provide your needs.

    Rafting Resources

    Do you know what you want? Request your reservation now! Otherwise, follow these other links to other rafting resources on the net. Miss the old website? Click here for the old California rafting home page. Hey, you guys asked us to make the site simpler!


    California Whitewater Rafting W.E.T. River Trips

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    About W.E.T. River Trips -

    W.E.T. River Trips was established in 1978. Running California white water rafting rivers in California. W.E.T. River Trips is an official California State Parks concessionaire.

    Permitted by United States Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, California State Parks, El Dorado County & other governing agencies.

    Nirvana is found on the river. Raft with us and see why W.E.T. is the premier California white water rafting company for California whitewater rafting trips.

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