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    2nd Life


    Teen Rafting - W.E.T. River Trips

    Rafting Trips for Teens

    Hey Teenagers! Hey, hey want to get W.E.T.? Spring break, summer vacation, Fourth of July... boring! Get some action on the river this year.

    Grrrls and Bois gather your friends for the raddest river rafting trip in California! The sun is hot, the river is cool and it's better than sitting around your room picking your nose. Get your mom or dad to call us for a river trip.

    Yeh, yeh...we have to have an adult make the arrangements. You know, the legalese has to be done first and then you show up and go rafting!

    W.E.T. River Trips consults with real teens who give us the updates on teen life here on the river! Our teen consultant lives the life, so we take their advice. Hey Liz! Any rafting info out there for us teens?

    online store picture
    Our online store accepts all major credit cards

    Parents: Read this, please!

    Hey Parentals! Call our office and arrange a California rafting trip for your teenager. Birthdays, teen team-building, family trips, graduation celebrations and more are available for the active, athletic teenager. Get them off the couch this rafting season and they will thank you. They will remember this awesome trip on the river 4evah! Or join them yourself for a once in a lifetime rafting adventure before they leave home for good!

    Older Teens: ages 14 to 17

    Bored teenagers in the summer are a deadly combination of driving, parties, drugs and alcohol, and other temptations. Keep the teens occupied with their favorite hobbies and activities. At this age, they don't want to hang out with their parents.

    We recommend the South Fork American or the Middle Fork American for your teen trips. The Klamath River is ideal for older scouts trying to accomplish their whitewater merit badge.

    But, if you have a special event or celebrating a highlight such as birthday, graduation or just a summer get-together, a whitewater rafting trip is a team-building activity in a clean and nurturing environment on the river. Teens will meet guides close to their age that lead by example. Our guides are extreme sports enthusiasts who bring a one-on-one bonding with your teen group.

    Just let us know how many in your special teen rafting trip and we will design a trip for your teen's needs. Here is an additional teen rafting page mostly with links for the teens in your family. Tips on rafting, living and other teen life information.

    W.E.T. River Trips also encourages families and teens to bond together on river rafting trips as a family trip. It's a family event unmatched by any other family vacation you have experienced.

    Younger Teens and Adolescents: ages 11 to 13

    Younger teens and children usually come with their families. Most are on the South Fork American for the Class 3 to 3+ rapids. This is an ideal river for families with younger teens. Please see our family rafting and discount pages for information on family trips.

    The picture to the left is one of our favorite clients. She's a grandmother now and she's hugging a grandchild on a spring rafting trip with us. This is their 20th + trip with W.E.T.! (We've got to watch people get old with us, have children, watched their kids grow up and now they are bringing multiple generations on our river trips... very cool.)